OPE Insitu


It is not a consulting or coaching company. OPE insitu goes into action where the consultant's job ends, complementing his/her work and complementing the needs of the requesting company, with a highly specialised service: Interim management. An executive management service focused on action.

Beginning with the elaboration of a preliminary diagnosis, OPE insitu designs the action plan and assigns the project to a professional or team of professionals who immediately assume the temporary intervention in the company, providing new points of view, expertise and resources, without interfering in the day-to-day management of the company.

OPE insitu carries out systematic monitoring of the work, supervising the evolution of the project and, if necessary, modifying the process in response to the needs.

A comfortable and flexible contract

The service is contracted by means of a commercial agreement between the “client company” and OPE insitu, without establishing contractual obligations with the person or team incorporated. The contract adapts to a series of conditions to be rendered, normally based on the attainment of objectives or its duration and the transfer of the necessary authority to carry it out and achieve it.