OPE Insitu


OPE insitu has been created to offer exclusive Interim Management services; an innovative concept in executive management proven effective in neighbouring countries.

Interim Management is oriented at resolving situations which, because of their complexity, cannot be resolved with the company’s ordinary resources: crisis periods; stalemate strategic projects; phases of reorganization, transition or generational change-over; development of new business or manufacturing facilities; buy-sell operations…

In practice, Interim Management is the temporary intervention of professionals qualified to take on, immediately, the management of a company, department or project, for a certain period of time, until the objectives set out have been achieved.

In addition to the exclusive advantages of Interim Management, OPE insitu adds its own dividends, through professionals with accredited expertise and training who carry out their functions confidentially and efficiently , contributing additional qualified resources to the company’s organization without compromising its day-to-day management while carrying out their work under OPE insitu’s Code of ethics and guarantee.